• The Contest for a 3D work design 2020

    The 2020 project invites eco-art artists to design permanent 3D works made of ecologic materials, not harmful to the environment, to be presented within the Galeria Stodoła Szumiłowo Park, in the forest. The art festival in the Szumiłowo forest shall reflect artists who consider relations between nature, humans and the environment sacred. The most experienced and innovative artists from all over the world will show their manifestations of nature entente, which will be united in the factory  of projects saving the oxygen world. 


  • 2018 Eco-art Festival Żywioł wody-Woda żywiołu (Water Element)

    Water is one of the most important elements on the Earth, contributing to the circulatory system of the world. The well-known 3-D works of the Stodola Szumiłowo Art Gallery: "Incubator of the Forest Culture", "Birth of the Brick", "Water Hourglass" by Janusz Plota, or "Panic" and "Eco 22 Tree" by Wojciech Sęczawa, they were created from water in a way. The 2018 project focuses on water – water power, contrasting previous editions related to art set in forest or field environments. Water element, both title and topic, is for us as organizers, just a pretext to create artworks inspired by the immense power of the nature.

  • 2014 Proscenium dobra-Dobro proscenium Project

    Can nature be general good? Contemporary garden-field, forest are one space divided by man in order to maintain the status quo. Does the contemporary man remember about the Mother Earth? Does he owe Her anything? Huge biosphere degradation and residual examples of environmental care do not bear good witness of us, Earth inhabitants of the twenty-first century. What will we do to rescue our common heritage? It has been a long time since the Neolithic revolution, we do not really know when the first wheat was sown, or whether wild grains sprouted in a cave, a shelter or a temple?