2022 Eco-art Festival Żywioł lasu-Las żywiołu (Forest Element)

NEW date of Festival:  May 30 – June 12, 2022


an intermedia eco-friendly multi-year project 
objects - music - sculpture - painting - graphic - video - performance

The idea of the project: Grzegorz Jarzyński - Janusz Plota
The art commissioner of the project: Janusz Plota 
The coordinator of the project: Ewa Cieślawska 


Our neighboring woods or urban woodland, may they be heralds of the primeval forest or maybe messengers of the Ice Age forest?

The forest is a bridge between the first world of the living nature and the world of the spatial nature. It is a bond linking the energies of heavens and the Earth. Can the home of fauna and flora worlds still be our neighbor in the 21st century? A forest does not necessarily has to grow in the forest. This year the energies of water, field, and garden are attached to forest – a place of connecting energy, energy co-creating and transforming our world. The forest is a part of earth, water, air, it is a depositary of garden. Our forest, our neighboring forest is a matrix of the primeval forest with its explicit genetic code, it is a trace of the energy emanated from space. Can we understand the forest, can we send a message to the city people about a forest coming to town, often melting in its suburbs like snow in spring? Is there enough time and opportunity to wire a memo protecting the Earth?

The 2020 project invites eco-art artists to design permanent 3D works made of ecologic materials, not harmful to the environment, to be presented within the Galeria Stodoła Szumiłowo Park, in the forest. The art festival in the Szumiłowo forest shall reflect artists who consider relations between nature, humans and the environment sacred. The most experienced and innovative artists from all over the world will show their manifestations of nature entente, which will be united in the factory  of projects saving the oxygen world. . 

Festival General Manager
Grzegorz Jarzyński - Stodola Szumilowo Art Gallery Owner

Festival Coordinator
Ewa Cieślawska – Stodola Szumilowo Art Gallery Coordinator

Festival Curator
Janusz Plota PhD of Art, multimedia artist - Stodola Szumilowo Art Gallery Curator