The Contest for a 3D work design 2020

Contest results:

We decided to invite 7 artists to this year's Festival.

1. Carolina Palmero (AR), 2. Chander Parkash (IN) 3. Ryszard Litwiniuk (PL), 4. Arvydas Alisanka (LT), 5. Valiantsin Borzdy (BY), 6. Leszek Szurkowski (PL) 7. Małgorzata Zduńczyk (PL) 

Reserve artists:

1. Tereza Hola (CZ), 2. Shuengit Chow (CA)  

Galeria Stodoła Szumiłowo announces a contest for a 3D work design during Ecoart 2020 Art Festival.

The Eco-art 2020 Art Festival is an interdisciplinary project. It is open for participation to every adult artist, representing any form of artistic activity. Organizers expect designs directly or indirectly referring to the tradition of the Chełmno Land;  they shall also specify a place and a role of present-day humans in the world of nature.

Every participant of the contest will be asked to present a 3D work design, resistant to outdoor weather conditions, the least work durability being estimated at 6 years. A work completed as a result of the contest shall be related to the Eco-art 2020 Art Festival leitmotif: The Forest Element-The Element Forest. The Organizer expects designs to be associated with the Gallery profile, i.e. high level artistic works, reflecting the tradition of the Chełmno Land, with ecological touch. 

The submission shall be sent at: by December 20, 2019. Any submissions sent later, will not be taken into consideration


Regulations of the contest.pdf

Application form.docx